Class GraphGenerators

static Edge<Object>[] generateRandomEdges(int src, int numEdges, int maxVertexId, long seed)
static Graph<scala.Tuple2<Object,Object>,Object> gridGraph(SparkContext sc, int rows, int cols)
Create rows by cols grid graph with each vertex connected to its row+1 and col+1 neighbors.
static Graph<Object,Object> logNormalGraph(SparkContext sc, int numVertices, int numEParts, double mu, double sigma, long seed)
Generate a graph whose vertex out degree distribution is log normal.
static double RMATa()
static double RMATb()
static double RMATc()
static double RMATd()
static Graph<Object,Object> rmatGraph(SparkContext sc, int requestedNumVertices, int numEdges)
A random graph generator using the R-MAT model, proposed in "R-MAT: A Recursive Model for Graph Mining" by Chakrabarti et al.
static Graph<Object,Object> starGraph(SparkContext sc, int nverts)
Create a star graph with vertex 0 being the center.