Tuple in Scala

In Scala, a tuple is a value that contains a fixed number of elements, each with a distinct type. Tuples are immutable.
val ingredient = ("Sugar" , 25)
println(ingredient._1) // Sugar
println(ingredient._2) // 25
ingredient.getClass //res0: Class[_ <: (String, Int)] = class scala.Tuple2
val ingredient1 = ("Sugar" , 25,30)
ingredient1.getClass //res1: Class[_ <: (String, Int, Int)] = class scala.Tuple3

Access elements from Tuple

Tuple element is "1 based indexing", using dot underscore notation:
//create Tuple t1
val t1=(1,2,3,4,5)
//res21: Class[_ <: (Int, Int, Int, Int, Int)] = class scala.Tuple5
//res22: Int = 1
//res23: Int = 2
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