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Setting Up

​JDK setup​
​Scala IDE​
​Hadoop setup​
​Start Hadoop​
​Install Hive​
​hive home​
​Hive client​
​Setup Apache Spark​
​Spark Home​

Python and Scala Prep

​Python 3 Warm Up​

​map and filter​
​Data structure​
​Input from a file​
​Output to a file​

​Scala Warm Up​

​Scala Data Type​
​Array in Scala​
​Scala if statement​
​Scala for loop​
​Scala While Loop​

Spark Core

​RDD Operations​

Spark SQL

​Creating Datasets​
​Save Mode​
​Apache Arrow​

Spark Streaming


Spark Graphx


​Edge Class​
​EdgeContext Class​
​EdgeRDD Class​
​EdgeTriplet Class​
​Graph Class​
​GraphLoader Object​
​GraphOps Class​
​GraphXUtils Object​
​Pregel Object​
​VertexRDD Class​
​EdgeRDDImpl Class​
​Class GraphImpl​
​Class PageRank​
​Class SVDPlusPlus​
​Graphx Example 1​
​Graphx Example 2​
​Graphx Example 3​

Spark Machine Learning



​Image Data Source​
​ML Transformer​
​ML Estimator​
​ML Pipeline​
​One-hot encoding​
​Decision trees​
​Random forests​
​Linear Regression​


​Bisecting k-means​



​Video presentation​