VirtualBox only shows 32bit on AMD CPU

Issue: Virtualbox sometimes shows only 32 bit VM can be created on some Windows 10 AMD processors computer, no 64 bit VM available.
Solution: Following are the steps to enable Virtualbox to be able to create 64 bit VM.
Step 1:
Reboot computer, goes into BIOS:
Step 2:
From Choose BIOS setup->Advanced->System Options (Your menu options may be different, so find your own!), check SVM CPU Virtualization.
Then press F10 to save the change and reboot.
Step 3:
Boot into Windows 10. In windows 10, press windows key, enter "windows feature", to start "Turn Windows Features on or off", you will see a pop up windows, uncheck Hyper-V. It will take a moment to update, once this is done, reboot PC.
Step 4:
After reboot, start Virtualbox, you can create 64 bit VM in Virtualbox