EdgeRDDImpl Class

Class EdgeRDDImpl
All Implemented Interfaces: java.io.Serializable, Logging
public class EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> extends EdgeRDD<ED>
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> cache()
Persists the edge partitions using targetStorageLevel, which defaults to MEMORY_ONLY.
void checkpoint()
Mark this RDD for checkpointing.
Edge<ED>[] collect()
Return an array that contains all of the elements in this RDD.
long count()
The number of edges in the RDD.
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> filter(scala.Function1<EdgeTriplet<VD,ED>,Object> epred, scala.Function2<Object,VD,Object> vpred)
scala.Option<String> getCheckpointFile()
Gets the name of the directory to which this RDD was checkpointed.
StorageLevel getStorageLevel()
Get the RDD's current storage level, or StorageLevel.NONE if none is set.
<ED2,ED3> EdgeRDDImpl<ED3,VD> innerJoin(EdgeRDD<ED2> other, scala.Function4<Object,Object,ED,ED2,ED3> f, scala.reflect.ClassTag<ED2> evidence$4, scala.reflect.ClassTag<ED3> evidence$5)
Inner joins this EdgeRDD with another EdgeRDD, assuming both are partitioned using the same PartitionStrategy.
boolean isCheckpointed()
Return whether this RDD is checkpointed and materialized, either reliably or locally.
<ED2,VD2> EdgeRDDImpl<ED2,VD2> mapEdgePartitions(scala.Function2<Object,org.apache.spark.graphx.impl.EdgePartition<ED,VD>,org.apache.spark.graphx.impl.EdgePartition<ED2,VD2>> f, scala.reflect.ClassTag<ED2> evidence$6, scala.reflect.ClassTag<VD2> evidence$7)
<ED2> EdgeRDDImpl<ED2,VD> mapValues(scala.Function1<Edge<ED>,ED2> f, scala.reflect.ClassTag<ED2> evidence$3)
Map the values in an edge partitioning preserving the structure but changing the values.
scala.Option<Partitioner> partitioner()
If partitionsRDD already has a partitioner, use it.
RDD<scala.Tuple2<Object,org.apache.spark.graphx.impl.EdgePartition<ED,VD>>> partitionsRDD()
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> persist(StorageLevel newLevel)
Persists the edge partitions at the specified storage level, ignoring any existing target storage level.
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> reverse()
Reverse all the edges in this RDD.
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> setName(String _name)
Assign a name to this RDD
StorageLevel targetStorageLevel()
EdgeRDDImpl<ED,VD> unpersist(boolean blocking)
Mark the RDD as non-persistent, and remove all blocks for it from memory and disk.