Start Spylon-kernel on Jupyter-notebook

Spylon kernel in Jupyter notebook is a great way to quickly run a few Scala commands in the following seciton of Scala Warm Ups.
If you are on Windows, start Anaconda Navigator (if you are on Mac or Linux, scrow to the end of the page)
Switch to virtual environment spark
If jupyter notebook is not installed, install it in Navigator under spark virtual environment; otherwise, launch jupyter-notebook inside spark virtual environment
select spylon-kernel in the drop down list, you should have completed install spylon kernel in earlier section:
Change name of noteook from untitled, and start practicing Scala codes in the blue code section in the Scala warm up sections:
If you are on MacOS or Linux, simply start a terminal and run below:
conda activate spark
nohup jupyter-notebook &
Then select spylon-kernel from the drop down list in Jupyter-notebook and start the notebook