Computer needed for this course

You need 2 computers. One for development and one for production.
If you do not have 2nd computer for Linux machine, there is Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual box image available for you to download, if there are plenty of CPU cores and memory capacity in your computer.
For my environment, there are 32GB RAM on my windows 10 laptop as a development Apache Spark workstation, and the Linux computer has Intel 8700 6 cores/12 thread CPU and 64GB RAM to run Apache Hadoop, Hive and Spark cluster that has 1 master and worker nodes running with docker, sufficient to simulate production Spark cluster environment whether on premise or in the cloud.
We will be writing the Spark Application in both Scala and Python
The codes that I developed for this class are in my GitHub site and you will be writing the same level of codes at the end of the course: